Lilium mackliniae Sealy 1949

Assam (Manipur)

Laboratory comment:
Lilium mackliniae is a species we still haven´t find a well-working medium-recipe for an advanced germination. Tissue-culture works fine but the start of the germination is tough and losses are often observed by browing-effects of the root-tips. Discovered right in time followed by an immediate replate into a new medium with less sugar inside the medium eventually prevents the seedling from dying off. Replating into a charcoal-accentuated medium partly helps either, whereas charcoal often blocks the germination itself.

Lilium mackliniae white strain in courtesy of Steve Garvie

sowing Lilium mackliniae white form # 1 AM ´02.21 (LmackWF1)
source Alan Mitchell
sowing (04.21)
germination (05.21)

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie