Lilium lophophorum Franchet 1898

China (Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan), forests

Laboratory comment:
Bjørnar Olsen, we got the seeds from, considers these clones as possibly opened ones and not with balloon-shaped flowers. Only time will tell.

Lilium lophophorum woodland form W/O-9148 # 1 BO ´11.19 (LlophW/O-9148)
almost 100% germination (´01.20)
–> clones selected according to warmth tolerance: (LlophW/O-9148w) ´07.20
tissue-culture (09.20)

–> clones selected according to cooler temp. rather: (LlophW/O-9148c) ´06.20
tissue-culture (09.20)

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie