Lilium leucanthum var. centifolium Black Dragon Strain



Lilium leucanthum Baker 1901

China (Gansu, Hubei, Sichuan); grassy places along rivers, altitude of about 400 – 2.500 m. Tepals tinged brownish-purple, stems 200 cm and higher. Most frequent variety in culture.

Laboratory comment:
We grateful received seeds as donation from Luka. Luka Golemac added: Big fragrant white blooms which are greenish/yellow inside and purple, green and maroon outside. I have 4 bulbs that my friend gave me and he got them as seeds from Judith Freeman many years ago. Real and nice Black Dragon strain is hard to find today. Thanks Luka!

sowing Lilium leucanthum var. centifolium BD# 1 Luka (11.21)
source: Luka Golemac, Croatia
germination: (02.22)
tc: (11.22)
re-sowing: (01.23)
germination: (01.23)

product-image in courtesy of Luka Golemac