Lilium chitrangadae



Lilium chitrangadae Hijam Bikramjit 1991

Northern India, endemic to the Dzukou Valley at the border between Manipur and Nagaland; open grasslands at about 400-500m. Very likely not an own lilium species but belonging to the complex of Lilium mackliniae (Lilium mackliniae var. chitrangadae).

sowing Lilium chitrangadae # 2 SRGC (02.17) (LmackChit2)
source: Scottish Rock Garden Club
very low germination –> seedlings

sowing Lilium chitrangadae # 3 MH (11.20) (LmackChit3)
source: Mel Herbert, Wales
failed: (05.21)

sowing Lilium chitrangadae # 4 SG (10.22) (LmackChit4)
source: Steven Garvie, Scotland
sowing: (05.23)

sowing Lilium chitrangadae # 5 SG (03.23) (LmackChit5)
source: Steve Garvie, Scotland

product-image in courtesy of Brahmananda Patiri