Lilium callosum var. callosum (early flower)



Lilium callosum Siebold & Zuccarini 1839

China, Japan, Korea, Russia; grassy slopes in limestone areas, 100 – 900 m
The yellow-flowering (listed separately) type, Lilium callosum var. flaviflorum, occurs upon the Japanese island Okinawa

sowing Lilium callosum var. callosum (early flower) # 2 GM (09.17) (Lcall.efK7b)
source: Gene Miro, USA
100% germination (10.19)
tissue-culture (07.20)

This strain is supposed to flower plainly earlier than other L. callosum var. callosum strains. That´s why we mention it separately and kindly ask customers not to intercross this strain with other callosum-strains which are later in flower. It seems essential keeping these clones apart from wach other.

product-imagine in courtesy of Louise Mitchell