Lilium bukozanense



Lilium bukozanense Honda 1942

Kews subsume Lilium bukozanense under Lilium maculatum. We deliberately single out this lily from the maculatum-complex because it would perish there as a true diamond. Bukozanense grew on near vertical cliffs about 60 km north of Tokyo and is one of those lilies that is excessively threatened with extinction.

Laboratory comment:
Lilium bukozanense grows extremely fast and can reach a fls. bulb within 2-3 years after sowing. We actually keep about 12 different clones and will tc at least 4 of those clones step by step.

Japan, northern from Tokyo on vertical cliffs

sowing Lilium maculatum var. bukozanense # 1 Mel ´11.19 (Lmacbuk1)
50% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (08.20)

Lilium maculatum var. bukozanense in courtesy of Pontus Wallstén

product image Lilium maculatum var. bukozanense in courtesy of Melvyn Herbert