Lilium amoenum Wilson 1920

Origin and cultivation:
China (Yunnan); grassy areas on forest slopes of higher mountainous regions, what often lets ignore the frost-sensitivity of this tender lilium. Keeping it frost-free during the winter-months might be the key to a successful cultivation.

Lilium amoenum in courtesy of Steve Garvie

sowing Lilium amoenum # 9 AM ´12.19 (Lamoen9)
75% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (08.20)
tissue-culture (09.20)

sowing Lilium amoenum # 7 CI ´10.19 (Lamoen7)
25% germination, seedlings

A more paler variation in courtesy of Norbert K.

bulb Lilium amoenum bulb # 2 YW ´02.19 (Lamoen2)
planted, reserve-stock

bulb Lilium amoenum bulb # 3 YW ´02.19 (Lamoen3)
planting failed

bulb Lilium amoenum bulb # 4 YW ´02.19 (Lamoen4)
tissue-culture failed

bulbs Lilium amoenum bulb # 5 YW ´02.19 (Lamoen5)
planted, reserve-stock

Lilium ameonum in courtesy of Steve Garvie

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie